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 Inspección aduanera conjunta

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Realizarán inspección aduanera conjunta más allá de la frontera | T21


La industria de autopartes plásticas/ México

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Tu auto está hecho cada vez con más plástico y ellos salen ganando

FDI Mexico 2017

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IED creció 11% en México durante 2017

Last year, Mexico captured 29,695 million dollars in Foreign Direct Investment.

This amount exceeded the forecast of analysts, of 25 thousand 574 million dollars, according to the latest estimate of the Banxico survey.

Mexico captured 29,695 million dollars in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) during 2017, 11 percent more than in the previous year, informed the Ministry of Economy.
This amount exceeded the forecast of analysts, of 25, 574 million dollars, according to the latest estimate of the Bank of Mexico survey. It was also greater than the 25 billion dollars that the Secretary of Economy anticipated at the beginning of the previous year.
This, despite the uncertainty in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the concern for the implementation of trade policies by the new administration in the United States.
The investment flows that Mexico captured during the previous year were injected mainly in the manufacturing industry, which accounted for 45.3 percent of the total; it was followed by the transport, mail and storage sector with 10.8 percent; after construction and trade they had 10.3 and 9.2 percent, respectively, while financial services captured nine percent. The rest of the sectors went to 15.4 percent of the total.
Regarding the geography of foreign investments, the countries that led the sector were those of the NAFTA region. The United States was the main country of origin of the flows, with 46.8 percent of the total; later it turned out Canada with 9.1 percent; Spain registered nine percent of the injections; Germany and Japan eight and 5.5 percent, in each case.


According to figures from the Ministry of Economy, the productive capital flows from the main commercial partner of Mexico totaled 13 thousand 897 million dollars in the previous year, 34 percent more than the preliminary amount reported for 2016.

“We have not seen any of the investment that comes from the United States have come down, in general the investment of that country has decreased as a proportion, that is, as the amount continues to grow, but before it represented 60 percent of the total, in the last administration 50 percent, and in our administration roughly 45 percent, which gives you an idea that we have diversified into foreign investment, “María del Rocío Ruiz, undersecretary of Competitiveness and Regulations, of the Ministry of Finance, said in an interview. Economy.

According to the official, one of the imperatives of the FDI that the country has is the structural reforms that were implemented in recent years.

“The opportunity was opened for companies with foreign investment to come to the energy sector and the telecommunications sector. We have about 10 billion dollars in the energy sector in a year and a half, I think it is a sector that is growing very fast, “he said.

Another of the points highlighted by Ruiz in terms of attraction of investments are the commercial treaties, since clauses and chapters that define very clear rules in the subject are integrated with issues such as, for example, compensatory quotas, which gives certainty to the investor.


The accumulated FDI in the current administration recorded an unprecedented amount of 171 thousand 471 million dollars, which exceeded by 50 percent the flow reported in the same period of the previous administration.

This figure also exceeds in 8.8 percent the objective established in the National Development Plan 2013-2018, which includes a total of 157 thousand 195 million dollars of FDI for the entire sexennium.

Of the total FDI received, new investments represented 38.5 percent of the total; 32.5 percent was reinvested in profits and 29 percent was generated by inter-company accounts.

“These new investments are also associated with sectors that have been maturing, which have become very dynamic, and most of them are associated with the external sector and contribute some of the production part of these sectors. That is, there is a time when the supply chain has this performance and attracts new companies that are within these sectors, “explained Leticia Armenta, economic researcher at Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Elevan competitividad aduanera al reducir tiempos de revisión

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The foreign trade sector of San Luis Rio Colorado, has been benefited with the program of “Joint Review for Export and Import purposes”, managing to increase the customs competitiveness by reducing the time of goods revision, speeding the crossing on both sides of the border. This is how business leaders coincided, who highlighted this competitive advantage, which has allowed private consultants to use it as a promotional tool to attract greater productive investments in the region.


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Desarrollador Finsa presenta resultados 2017 | T21

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