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How US states rely on the NAFTA supply chain | Brookings Institution

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Great Wall Motor Co.

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El fabricante de SUVs más grande de China busca mudarse a México

Tijuana y San Diego impulsan megarregión | El Economista

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Mayors of Hermosillo and Phoenix agree to strengthen relationship

The mayor of Hermosillo, Sonora, Manuel Ignacio Acosta Gutiérrez, and his Phoenix, Arizona counterpart Greg Stanton, agreed to establish a joint agenda to strengthen the relationship of sister cities. At the meeting, the mayor of Hermosillo unveiled the potential Of the capital of Sonora and how attractive it can be for the inhabitants the neighboring entity. He said that his government maintains relations with several associations of that city to bring benefits to the inhabitants and shows of it is the visit that soon they will receive from the association 1 Mission. For his part, Greg Stanton recognized the work of the Hermosillo to carry The relations of both cities beyond the coexistence and address issues related to the problems they face as cities of border states. The Third Annual Summit of Innovative Governments, which will attend municipal presidents of several states and who are Will be held next May. The summit is a forum that brings together innovators, change agents, civic entrepreneurs and all those interested in making government work better in local communities.