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En 2016 cada hora se abrió una franquicia en México | El Economista



Last year Mexico opened about 11,800 new establishments belonging to some franchise, which is equivalent to a new point of sale every hour, according to a study done by Feher & Feher. At a press conference, on the occasion of 15 years The company’s CEO, Ferenz Feher, pointed out that 2,500 new units were opened in 2001, which represents a growth of almost five times in the period. “An hourly franchise is no small thing, especially In a scenario where there is doubt and uncertainty.There is now the noticia on the renegotiation of the Free Trade Agreement, before it was the arrival of Trump to the presidency and the year that enters the elections in Mexico, “he commented. In that sense, he explained That despite this context, the franchising model has remained in constant growth, where the comparison between 2012 and 2016 shows that eight out of every 10 franchises still remain in the market. A series of legislation on the subject is being added, which are still in force, which speaks of a system of franchises in the country that really works, and where the problems that have been generated have been less. Of franchises gives us an indicator that this model will not slow down, growth is probably not double-digit as was customary, but will remain at least 8.0% for the next five years, “he explained. Said that although issues such as insecurity in some parts of the country may affect the sector, there are balance points, such as migrants who return to Mexico and can open their own business under this model. The study also emphasizes that today there are around 1,500 brands of franchises in the country, as well as more than 75,000 outlets distributed throughout the Republic, through which generate more than 890,000 direct jobs. By segments, food and beverages occupy about 34% of the total, a figure that has varied by about one percentage point in the last 15 years; While there are significant growth in health, welfare and entertainment. As of the 1,500 franchises in the country, 86% are Mexican and 14% foreign, being half the United States but concentrate around 2,480 points of sale .

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