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ProMéxico refuerza apoyo a parques industriales | T21/ ProMéxico reinforces support for industrial parks


One sector that directly observes the effects of the current uncertainty between Mexico and the United States is that of industrial parks. The developers of these properties – where most foreign companies have opted to install their factories – are waiting for the results of the future commercial renegotiation. Meanwhile they have witnessed the momentary stop or suspension of some investments. Faced with this environment, they have expressed this concern to the Mexican federal authority who, in turn, recently endorsed their support and outlined a certain strategy. Paulo Carreño, the new Director General of ProMexico, the country’s overseas promotion office, said that This year set the goal of attracting up to 175 projects of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and that until last year 29 had been fulfilled. Last year the goal was placed in 160 projects and at the end of 2016 they added 180.Me “Said Carreño to these entrepreneurs present at the first quarterly meeting of the Mexican Association of Industrial Parks (Ampip), held in Mexico City. He also recalled that since the beginning of this year ProMéxico Committed with Ampip to support the management of FDI projects that are on hold; To seek the attraction of investments beyond North America and, in turn, proposed the creation of regional advisory councils to “facilitate the link and communication between this office and entrepreneurs”. In addition, the agreement was reached to enhance an investment forum With the participation of potential entrepreneurs, although Carreño did not specify when or where it would take place. Even last week another agreement was also signed. It is “the creation of a database that is much more reliable, much better updated and more useful for our investors in terms of selection and location (and) of course in advising where the best industrial parks are.” Paulo Carreño said that within the strategy of diversification of attraction of FDI is not sought to curb those coming from the United States, but “to grow the pie.” He recalled that in 2012, 44% of FDI came from the United States, while Today it is 38 percent. Even two-thirds of the projects confirmed for this year are from countries other than the northern neighbor. The AMPIP brings together 69 corporate partners operating 250 industrial parks (more than 600 in the country), mainly in 25 states.


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