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Harán frente común Sonora y Arizona por más integración | El Economista

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México y EU comienzan inspección conjunta de carga por ferrocarril /Mexico and US start joint inspection of rail freight

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México y EU comienzan inspección conjunta de carga por ferrocarril – Industria –

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) and the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) initiated a joint pilot export inspection test by rail at the Nogales, Sonora border customs office , And Nogales, Arizona.

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The test began on March 27 and is expected to attend 80 joint inspections daily, with an average saving of 60 to 90 minutes, the SAT reported.

The public body reported that this action is part of the plan to modernize customs clearance and that its benefits are aimed at handling the export operations by rail from both customs authorities from the United States.

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The purpose is to have a single point of review and to encourage users of alternate customs to use this junction as a better option, added the watchdog.

This joint inspection pilot program is in addition to those currently operating at the Nogales, Sonora, and Nogales, Arizona Customs offices; San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, and San Luis, Arizona, and Agua Prieta, Sonora, and Douglas, Arizona.

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These have as main objective to reduce the times and costs of operation in the customs clearance, by simplifying the processes for the users.

The pilot test in Nogales will be carried out jointly by the customs authorities of both countries to carry out the inspection of the merchandise, from 08:00 to 17:00 hours, from Monday to Sunday.

Tijuana y San Diego impulsan megarregión | El Economista

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Mayors of Hermosillo and Phoenix agree to strengthen relationship

The mayor of Hermosillo, Sonora, Manuel Ignacio Acosta Gutiérrez, and his Phoenix, Arizona counterpart Greg Stanton, agreed to establish a joint agenda to strengthen the relationship of sister cities. At the meeting, the mayor of Hermosillo unveiled the potential Of the capital of Sonora and how attractive it can be for the inhabitants the neighboring entity. He said that his government maintains relations with several associations of that city to bring benefits to the inhabitants and shows of it is the visit that soon they will receive from the association 1 Mission. For his part, Greg Stanton recognized the work of the Hermosillo to carry The relations of both cities beyond the coexistence and address issues related to the problems they face as cities of border states. The Third Annual Summit of Innovative Governments, which will attend municipal presidents of several states and who are Will be held next May. The summit is a forum that brings together innovators, change agents, civic entrepreneurs and all those interested in making government work better in local communities.


ProMéxico refuerza apoyo a parques industriales | T21/ ProMéxico reinforces support for industrial parks

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One sector that directly observes the effects of the current uncertainty between Mexico and the United States is that of industrial parks. The developers of these properties – where most foreign companies have opted to install their factories – are waiting for the results of the future commercial renegotiation. Meanwhile they have witnessed the momentary stop or suspension of some investments. Faced with this environment, they have expressed this concern to the Mexican federal authority who, in turn, recently endorsed their support and outlined a certain strategy. Paulo Carreño, the new Director General of ProMexico, the country’s overseas promotion office, said that This year set the goal of attracting up to 175 projects of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and that until last year 29 had been fulfilled. Last year the goal was placed in 160 projects and at the end of 2016 they added 180.Me “Said Carreño to these entrepreneurs present at the first quarterly meeting of the Mexican Association of Industrial Parks (Ampip), held in Mexico City. He also recalled that since the beginning of this year ProMéxico Committed with Ampip to support the management of FDI projects that are on hold; To seek the attraction of investments beyond North America and, in turn, proposed the creation of regional advisory councils to “facilitate the link and communication between this office and entrepreneurs”. In addition, the agreement was reached to enhance an investment forum With the participation of potential entrepreneurs, although Carreño did not specify when or where it would take place. Even last week another agreement was also signed. It is “the creation of a database that is much more reliable, much better updated and more useful for our investors in terms of selection and location (and) of course in advising where the best industrial parks are.” Paulo Carreño said that within the strategy of diversification of attraction of FDI is not sought to curb those coming from the United States, but “to grow the pie.” He recalled that in 2012, 44% of FDI came from the United States, while Today it is 38 percent. Even two-thirds of the projects confirmed for this year are from countries other than the northern neighbor. The AMPIP brings together 69 corporate partners operating 250 industrial parks (more than 600 in the country), mainly in 25 states.

Región Cali-Baja, a la conquista de Arizona/Cali-Baja Region, to the conquest of Arizona

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Región Cali-Baja, a la conquista de Arizona | El Economista


Cali-Baja Region, to the conquest of Arizona

The Cali-Baja region, comprised of the states of California, US, and Baja California, Mexico, seeks to incorporate part of Arizona to create a trade triangle to boost the economy of the three entities, through strengthening the aerospace, medical And energy.

Sonora fortalecerá la manufactura con el estado de Arizona | El Economista

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Sonora will strengthen the maquiladora industry and relations that favor the mega-region with Arizona, said Gov. Claudia Pavlovich Arellano. In protest of the new State Executive Committee of the Maquiladora and Manufacturing Industry of Exports (Index) 2017-2019, headed by Gerardo Vázquez Falcón, the president acknowledged the work and results in the maquiladora sector in the country. He pointed out that in the state of Sonora the maquiladora industry accounts for about 21% of the state’s gross domestic product and contributes to the generation of direct jobs, in addition to the national level, it represents about 80% of manufacturing exports. Attracts foreign exchange and foreign investment for more than $ 200 billion; Generates 2.7 million direct jobs and more than 7 million indirect jobs. “In the case of the maquiladora industry, if life raises our walls we will continue to strengthen our Sonora-Arizona mega region and we will continue to build the bridges we have with the state government of Arizona.” The governor called to take advantage of the opportunities that are generated by the Sonora-Arizona mega region to strengthen the competitiveness of the export manufacturing sector while continuing to visualize other markets. He reiterated the commitment and support to the new State Executive Committee Index 2017-2019, who said that they should define strategies that unite the effort of the entrepreneurs of the municipal associations of the export industry.

Path of development

The new state president of the State Executive Committee Index, Gerardo Vázquez Falcón, pledged to lead the state along the path of development and momentum. She emphasized that the governor has been a facilitating agent since it has opened doors and attracted charitable actions to Sonora, so that in the same way the export manufacturers will work to be the best ally in employment generation. In 2016, the revenues Of the foreign market of manufacturing establishments in Sonora grew 4.7% at a real annual rate, the highest level in the last three years, according to data from the Manufacturing Industry, Maquiladora and Export Services Program, published by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography.


DK Sailing busca aumentar comercio México-China | T21

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DK遠航(中國)有限公司總部設在深圳,中國的港口有貨運代理,旨在提高內部目前在海上和空中運輸經營以來,墨西哥代表其業務的20%,知情T21凱文朱的銷售市場執行根據所提供的信息,中國公司目前的船舶產品,如食品,機械和家具,墨西哥,與公司在該國FEMSA,ENWK和起重機;儘管注意到潛在增加兩國之間的貿易量,並尋求企業達成有利於自己的運輸銷量.雖然沒有具體操作的貨運量合作協議時表示,中國DK遠航工作了五年,墨西哥客戶,操作提供任何類型的產品,包括整個端口網絡公司連接拉薩羅 – 卡德納斯和曼薩尼約港口蛇口,鹽田,赤灣,深圳的優勢,上海,寧波,青島,天津,廈門,佛山,廣州,香港,武漢,福州,佛山,汕頭,順德,連雲港在18〜22天的估計時間;而這一切的網絡恩塞納達約17至25以上días.Lo因為DK遠航已與船公司像Maersk,MSC,COSCO,APL,HMM,CMA CGM和K線等等,產品的合作夥伴關係服務,如報關,倉儲,配送,多式聯運,除其他外,凱文·朱說,誰希望在墨西哥市場上找到更多的客戶。