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February 26, 2016 Update – Weekly Bulletin

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Mexico, attractive pole for the foreign investment

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Watch “Ya comenzaron la construcción del Hotel Araiza en San Luis Río Colorado” on YouTube

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News from the TTCA /Transportation and Trade Corridor Alliance

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February 19, 2016 Update – Weekly Bulletin

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February 12, 2016 Update – Weekly Bulletin

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Recintos fiscalizados estratégicos

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Parques industriales analizan decreto de recintos fiscalizados estratégicos | T21


Strategic Controlled Enclosures

According to banobras “The Strategic fiscal area (RFE) is a scheme set up in the Customs Act allows companies operating within the introduction, for a limited time, foreign, domestic goods or nationalized, to be subject to handling, storage, custody, exhibition, sale, distribution, production, processing or repair. “( )

They help the importing company overall value to your product while benefiting local businesses that provide services or sell their inputs to achieve the required actions for value creation. They intend to increase the competitiveness of the nation and encourage international trade

When it was decided to implement this strategy to revive the economy “was established that the enclosures must be adjacent to an office or room tax (interior, border, sea or airport), be not less than 20 hectares, being bordered and protected, and have CCTV “among other measures, in order to prevent leakage of goods to the local market circuit.

The owners can be private investors or the states. The length of stay in national territory may be up to two years.

The added value generated by these areas lies primarily in obtaining tax benefits (such as exemption from import duties, countervailing duties and VAT), and reduction of non-tariff restrictions and customs procedures, among others. This provided that the goods to their countries of origin or destination export markets again; if they are distributed in the local market, this exemption applies to VAT. (Rodriguez, 2009)

Currently in Mexico can be found seven strategic bonded warehouses in San Luis Potosi, Nuevo Leon (Colombia), Chihuahua (Ciudad Juarez), Michoacán (Lazaro Cardenas), Chiapas (Puerto Chiapas) and soon in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora.

The link with these enclosures with customs begins prior to its establishment as is the General Administration of Customs which is responsible for approving the EFR and it must deliver the documentation required for its establishment.

The following map Controlled Enclosures Strategic shown in yellow and red, the most important ports in the country:


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  • 工業區域土地策略控管機制


  • 工業區域土地策略控管機制





通過這些領域所產生的附加價值主要在於獲得稅收優惠(如進口關稅豁免,反補貼稅和增值稅),以及減少非關稅限制和海關手續,等等。這提供了貨物原籍國或再次目的地出口市場的國家;如果它們分佈在當地的市場上,這種豁免適用於增值稅。 (羅德里格斯,2009年)