San Luis Rio Colorado is strategically located between four states: Sonora, Arizona, California and Baja California. Thanks to its location, San Luis Rio Colorado becomes attractive for importing and exporting commercial products.  The local economy is composed by a mixture of various activities and agriculture is one of the must important, in San Luis Rio Colorado‘s valley about 32,000 acres are cultivated and 141,878 acres are rangeland territory used for different types of cattle.  Industry is important to the local economy because it generates 12,712 jobs, which represents 23 % of the occupied population. Commerce generates 25,280 jobs, which represents 46% of the employed population.  The geographical location of this city has made it an important point of border crossing for freight transportation to the large cities near by, such as San Diego and Los Angeles in California, Yuma, Tucson and Phoenix in Arizona and other states such as Nevada, Utah and Colorado.  Border Crossings San Luis Rio Colorado has 2 border ports of entry. One is located at the far west, currently in use for pedestrian, vehicular and commercial crossing, registering 2,897,251 people and 2,938,320 vehicles annually. The second port is located at the far east of the city; it is the new and modern border crossing of Mexico and the US. Its only use is for commercial vehicles, which register an investment in infrastructure and technology of $100,000,000 dollars between the two countries. This port will be adjacent to a modern industrial park and will be supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure offering the highest level of efficiency and productivity for both industrial and commercial use. Industrial Zone San Luis Rio Colorado has a semi-developed industrial park with an 87-acre extension; 9.4 acres are occupied (10.8% of the area) with the main industrial establishments. There are about 4,150 employees in this industrial park; same that represents 32% of the local industrial employment. The industrial park capacity to supply water is reported to be 1 liter per second per acre. The sewerage system is installed according to the company‘s necessities, as well as the wastewater treatment plants. The municipality of San Luis Rio Colorado offers manufacturing organizations a unique location and tremendous opportunity with its equally convenient access to both California and Arizona. Also offers a warm and friendly environment where businesses and neighbors get to know each other. The available labor force in the municipality takes great pride in quality and craftsmanship, and the region is known for its strong tradition of manufacturing through the Maquila program. As a smaller city, employers will benefit from the charm, sincerity and dedication of the skilled workforce. Employers establishing an operation in San Luis Rio Colorado are welcomed into the community with open arms. The available work force is young, bright, and energetic, and trained with a quality orientation. The city infrastructure supports three universities and two technical schools, graduating more than 700 professionals each year. San Luis Rio Colorado industrial park is home to a number of well known, established companies, such as Bose de Mexico, Sana International, TSE de Mexico, and others. Logistic San Luis Rio Colorado strategic and privileged geographic location in the north of Sonora, has an important border crossing for the transportation of merchandise to large financial centers, such as San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland in California, Yuma, Phoenix, Tucson and Nogales in Arizona. The main terrestrial channel of communication is the Santa Ana-Tijuana road, which passes through the city. San Luis Rio Colorado has a total of 809 Km. of terrestrial channel, from which 125 Km are federal paved roads, and 218.4 Km are state feeder roads and 466 Km of improved rural roads. The no.2 federal road crosses San Luis Rio Colorado‘s commercial center and through it gets to the main cities in the southern part of the state, as well as the Mexican pacific. Beginning in Mexico, D.F., and the no.2 road goes through Morelos, Guadalajara, Tepic, Mazatlan, Culiacan, Topolobampo, Obregon, Guaymas, San Carlos, Hermosillo, Nogales, Mexicali, Tecate and Tijuana. At the same time, San Luis Rio Colorado is benefited by the easy access to the interstate roads, such as no. 5 (FI 5) in the US that crosses the country from the south border to the north border with Canada and the interstate no. 10 (FI 10) that goes through the US from the California coast to the Florida coast. This makes the connection between Mexico and US easy and effective. San Luis Rio Colorado makes part of the Punta Colonet project, future project of expansion to the port of Long Beach, CA located 100 miles to the south of the Ensenada port which contemplates the construction of the railroad from Punta Colonet to the border crossing of San Luis Rio Colorado-Yuma, AZ to connect the railroad networks in the US. San Luis Rio Colorado does not have a local airport; it only has the landing strip for minor aircraft (service to the agricultural sector for fertilizing primarily). However, the city has a great connection with the Mexico area and rest of the world through the international airports available regionally, such as:

Yuma, AZ 20 miles/ 36 km
Mexicali, B.C. 40 miles/ 65 km
El Centro, CA 50 miles/ 80 km
Tijuana, B.C. 160 miles/ 256 km
Phoenix, AZ 195 miles/ 300 km
Ontario, CA 260 miles/ 424 km
Los Angeles, CA 280 miles/ 448 km
Hermosillo, Son. 380 miles/ 600 km
Yuma, AZ 20 miles/ 36 km

San Luis Rio Colorado has in its reach, because of its closeness with Mexicali more than 8,400 Km of rail tracks, through the Mexican company Ferromex. This same company connects the main cities in the northern region of Mexico, crossing through important seaports and reaches Valle de Mexico. For international connections they also have access to the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) rail tracks in the US. Ferromex is the Mexican company that has a wide network of rail tracks from the north to the south of Mexico. The closes route to San Luis Rio Colorado is the Hermosillo-Nogales (217 Km) and Hermosillo-Mexicali (624 Km). This rail track network has a capacity of 130 t and the stations that are close to the city are Estacion Coahuila, El Doctor, Torres Burciaga, Lopez Collada, Gustavo Sotelo and Puerto Peñasco. Ferromex has transporting services for different sectors, such as agricultural, cement, metals and minerals, automotive, energy, chemicals and fertilizers, industrial products, among others Major Economy Drivers There are close to 30 private industries, under the Maquila and industries dedicated to the exportation commerce.

The Maquila industry is the second source of economy in the economically active population, such as :
• Textile
• Furniture fabrication and assembly
• Electronics
• Frozen food packaging

However, the industries dedicated to the agricultural sector are fundamental to the economic drivers in the San Luis Rio Colorado Economy. On the other hand are the industries looking to boost their power, such as:
• Aerospace
• Support inputs
• Metalworking
• Plastics
• Packaging
• Alternate or renewable energies

Establishing a company presence in San Luis Rio Colorado is simple and can typically be accomplished in only three weeks, for this and more it is truly a city with an eye to the future, a unique location, and a municipality with tremendous potential, soon to be established as the newest point of entry to the United States.

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